Ingo Schlemm

The Almost Acoustic Lyric Sheet

Songs to Sell

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

You`d rather wanna speak out the words on your tongue
Than choking on the truth inside your head
Well, keeping a secret is quite word and deed
But silence is no reaction you will see

Summer sweat and summer rain
No words to say, no songs to sell
You`ve worked all your whole life for nothing but the pain
Now you walk those empty crossroads in the rain

It sounds like a roar inside of your head
And the morning sun it hurts your bloodshot eyes
The shine of a candle won`t enlighten your soul
Well, face your fears or they`ll haunt you endlessly

You`d rather wanna go out to breathe some air
Than waiting for a saviour who`ll never come
You listen to those old tunes all over again
But the world has turned and left you just behind

The one to Blame

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

There are miles to go before I can reach the sunrise
I`m standing on the edge of a broken dream
Face first and brave into the fire
You`ll always find someone to blame

My raincoat`s drenched and soaked but rain keeps falling
Protection`s hard to find in these odd days
The face there on the screen offers solutions
You`ll always find someone to blame

Lean back in your chair
Till your brain goes numb
Just hold back the tears
The one to blame
Is the one to be found
Just hold back the tears
Till the one can be found…

Convenience food is quite the dish of day now
Sometimes we like just being fed
I fill my belly up with sex and violence
You`ll always find someone to blame

The good son is the one who don`t ask questions
The prodigal one will come back in the end
I`m the one who`ll stay away forever
Maybe I`m the one to blame

Metaphor ( 1st take)

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

I can`t tell the right way from the wrong
But I wish you well
An apology
For the things that I`ve done

Please take my hand
Reminiscent of a time we used to have
So full of words
Just to please and betray

A metaphor – combination of two spheres
Just to tell you more
Where to go – there`s no time and no place (I belong)

A fallen leaf
Cast down by the hands of ruthless winds
Tumbled down
Just to rot on the ground

A whisper fades
Replaced by noise and anger silence ends
Watch me fall
To my knees, left to crawl

Moonlight Song

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

High `bove the roofs
Of this dirty town the night lies asleep
My telephone is silent
Just like my room
No calls in between

And moonlight`s falling like rain down from the sky

I like to go out
Just take a walk
to breathe some fresh air
The night is still warm
From a hot sunny day
My lungs are so dry

It feels like my soul is so busted
Like a song that needs to be sung
I`ve spent a million years waiting
For things that need to be done

Last Caress

Music & Words by The Misfits


Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

A mouth full of words means nothing
when they stay unspoken
The man on the sidewalk tends
just to sleep right in his shoes
A sick old scenery simply painted in strange colours
You´ve found an answer but the sense is still unclear

It makes no sense to me
Just leave me be
Never meant to walk beside you
Please set me free
Keep trying on my own
Yes on my own

Between the words of wisdom promises are broken
Who needs any values in a warped and hideous world
I despise your ignorance with the aim of pure convenience
May your life course silently, of course I wish you well

Degenerated tendencies in conventional situations
Due to your attitude your disguise is really bad
Always trying to wipe out the footprints in the quicksand
Watch your step or you´ll break in
Take heed of that advice

Nothing Changes

Music by Ingo Schlemm, Words by Andreas Wicke

Now another year is gone
And I don`t know what I have done
Time was running by
And never asked me if I`m alright

So many people everywhere
Resolved again to change the world
But even the blind can see
That nothing changes fast

Your eyes are like broken glass
This look so full of fear
Always waiting what comes to pass
While the merciless future keeps coming near

Each day brings another war
And no one really knows what for
And when the weapons start the fight
They never ask if you want to die

We drift towards the abyss
On a boat of money and of rubbish
Drinking champagne the grey sky above
And singing songs of love


Music by Ingo Schlemm, Words by Andreas Wicke

Standing by the window
Watch the world passing by
Just another day
Just another night
What is love to you
And what is hate
To change this world
It`s much too late

I know where I stand
And I know who I am
I got the feeling
I can do anything

We learned to be silent
And to close our eyes
We believed in great words
But they were lies
We found the problems
But no solution
We planned the rescue
But choked in confusion

We heard all the stories
About all the pain
About Hitler and Vietnam
Again and again
We were shocked
But only went to town
Talking and drinking
Drowning it out

Midnight Sun

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

At the end of the street a distant shade
Of taillights fading
Alone in my room some lonely tunes
And songs of love
One look to the door but no one is there
I`m all alone now
I fall to my knees and hold my head
And start to cry

Well, spin me round and walk me over
I`m already done I`m down on the floor
I only feel weak like the sun at midnight

Some thoughts in my head a drop in the sea
Too strong to kill me
Like castles of sand been washed away
Right from the shore
These walls closing in I can hardly breathe
Let`s go to bed now
Let`s follow those dreams right to the end
To find relief

Rainy Days

Music by Ingo Schlemm, Words by Andreas Wicke

Emotionless we are all watching
The news on TV every day
Somewhere someone is dying so pitiful
Somehow rain got poisoned today

There`s no end
No end to the rainy days
There`s no end - No end at all
There`s no end - No the pain still grows
There`s no end at all

All the pictures of war and corruption
A girl she cries cause her parents are dead
Somewhere someone dies of starvation
While others died cause they are too fat

Mother do you think we will get out
Please mother tell me we will get out
Mother tell me why they all must die
Mother tell me why they have to die
And I live

Mummy I don`t want to die
Mummy I don’t want to die
Don`t want to die

No end…

Song of Words

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

I don`t mind and I don`t care
What you might think of me
Just read these lines
So full of despair
And throw your burden down
And I feel thoughts are flowing
Words could mean so much
And I know they will hurt you
Just you and no one else

If all the walls should tumble down
I`m lying there with my face on the ground
My only memory is the song of words
I used to write for you
It`s hard to talk when there`s nothing to say
I saw your face but you turned away
And now I´m endlessly just waiting for a hidden sign from you

Well, if you want you could stay until the morning comes
And I will be a heartbeat away
So close but out of reach
And I feel thoughts are flowing
Words could mean so much
And I know they will hurt you
Just you and no one else

Well, I don´t think this simple tune
Could really change your mind
Just some chords and foolish rhymes
Are all I`ve ever known
And I feel thoughts are flowing
Words could mean so much
And I know they will hurt you
Just you and no one else

My Way Down

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

With a face of stone she said “we can`t start all over”
The precious times with a promise bought and sold
Pleading for forgiveness and illusion
Just self-betrayal and numbness on parole

So just roll the dice and wait for your turn
“Be patient, boy”, the time will come for you
You were so glad that the carnival is over
The joke`s on you, fill your pockets up with gold

This is my way down

Hurl your stone and shut the door in my face
Forget your fears and put them all to rest
The fall guy`s found so put the blame upon him
May your strain be paid off in the end


Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

Anytime I call your name
I see your face in the mirror
Every single thought I have
Well, it`s all about you
Set me free out of your grip
I wanna be alone now
I don`t need your golden chain
I wanna be myself

Take a look straight in my eyes
These coloured shades are fading
What remains is black and white
All what`s left behind
Take a walk straight to the parks
And watch those happy people
Sometimes I wish I was one of them
But that could never be

Like a river my heart-stream`s flowing
One step closer to a slow sad end
I´m so thirsty but I keep drowning
This helping hand will always be too late

I remember all the good and bad times
I saw you happy and I watched you cry
So I wonder where we have come to
my bleeding soul won`t regain

Anytime I call your name
I see your face in the mirror
Every single thought I have
Well, it`s all about you

The first day

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

The time keeps passin` like an old freight train
I can hear the voices of the past echo in my head
“Those days are over we`re getting used to it in time, boy”
On your knees to worship to find answers to find lies

Let those TV cameras roll
Let the story be untold
Let tomorrow be the first day of our lives

Today`s boredom will be tomorrow`s fun again
Those fresh canned laughter take the dial it`s channel 1
And this guy looks so cool with his eyes all shining red
A little bit of make up
Would have made this scene complete

Put on your smile for the camera lens
A sip of cold beer and shit in your pants
You`re still looking sober so raise your arm
And dance it the spotlight it will do you no harm

Don`t live today wait for tomorrow
Please don`t have fun we`ll laugh tomorrow

Like Japanese tourists on their summer holidays
Yeah they wanna see the world but only in 5 days
In virtual spheres or in a chat room take your mobile phone - well let it roll


Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

Took a walk on the sidewalk
And stared at the rain
Forgot about my first name
You`ve used it in vain
Saw a straying dog
And there was fear in his eyes
Time to get lost son, time to go blind

In your call during night time you offered me pain
I need shelter right from the storm
You can tie up my hands with these velveteen chains
I need shelter right from the storm

Smiling faces beside you
With silver tongues
This kind of conversation
With airless lungs
If you should stumble and fall
There`s a net down below
Too weak from aging
Too weak to hold

Take part in the race, it`s rat style man
The hamsters` wheels turn, that`s part of the game
Lock all your doors, you can`t be sure
Take a trip on to god


Music by Ingo Schlemm, Words by Andreas Wicke

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Metaphor ( 2nd take)

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

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Outward Bound

Music & Words by Ingo Schlemm

He`s reaching the road
His lips are slightly parted
There`s no sound
Just the whisper of the trees

The cars won`t stop
He`s staring at the frozen faces
Some children wave
At the hitchhiker on the road

Just one car pulls out
This guy seems simply prison bound
He hates to talk or to cheer or to laugh
The short-wave radio
Plays a song from long ago
Clouds of smoke make the air hard to breathe

One short break
Those shabby roadhouse feelings
The smell of beer
Spoil the dream right in his heart

Those guys came `round
Starting right to drag him down
Facing his fears
The taste of blood left in his mouth

Lying down upon the floor
All his limbs and his mind feel sore
He thinks of home
`bout the ones left behind
Hostile faces stare
As he feels his end is near
Clouds of smoke make the air hard to breathe

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